Billy Clark

Thermite Manager

Billy’s academic background, particularly his work characterising the mechanical, rheological and reaction properties of thermite compositions is invaluable to BiSN. Starting as a Thermite Engineer, Billy performs a critical function as Thermite Manager.


“Every day I am excited to come to work because of the great team I work with and the challenging problems we solve. Plus they let me play with massive amounts of thermite all day every day!”

Key credentials:

Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University

Published in numerous industry publications

Role with BiSN

Billy is responsible for leading on all aspects of thermite management; from analysing current product limitations and developing solutions to creating and enforcing procedures for thermite qualification, manufacturing and loading.

Career History

Billy began his career in academia, working in research for Texas Tech University for nearly 10 years. Joining BiSN in 2016, Billy quickly become a key member of the team, utilising both his extensive laboratory experience and expertise in thermite composition.