Denna Gatewood

Denna Tekell

Production and QA Manager

Denna strives to create a culture where continual improvement, innovation, and creativity is provided to support all employees in the areas of both professional and person growth. Her expertise lies in learning about a business and how it operates while helping to improve processes with more efficient tools and strategies.


“I like to make sure everyone has the tools they need to do their job well – software, actual tools, management support and so on. I am bent towards observing and improving processes so that everything that is accomplished each day is geared towards improving quality and efficiency.”

Key credentials:

20 years in small business development, including IT development for data extraction, analysis and reporting systems

Bachelor of Business Administration, Baylor University

Role with BiSN

As the Quality Control Manager, Denna goes above and beyond the quality assurance of products. She works to create an environment where systems and tools are used to facilitate creative and lateral thinking and development.

Career History

Denna has worked within a number of small businesses that required the responsibility of quality assurance and data analytics, including trend tracking and database implementation to support customers and sales teams, as well as providing systems.