Paul Carragher

Paul Carragher


Born in the UK, Paul Carragher started BiSN in 2010 with the insight to develop a new and innovative sealing solutions technology. With a background in business, management, and finance, Paul is an entrepreneur who identified an opportunity for this ground breaking technology and is now leading BiSN to develop multiple applications using the Wel-lok M2M™ core technology. Paul has since led three funding rounds with some of the largest international companies in the oil and gas sector resulting in the successful establishment of US operations and test facility. Paul is well respected in his field and often speaks at conferences and seminars across the globe.


“I am excited about our innovation and see there being an infinite number of modified applications for the use of our Wel-lok M2M™ core technology. To have this level of interest at such an early stage in the products life is very encouraging and goes to show that the market is ready to embrace new technology.”

Key credentials:

25 years in strategic management especially in fast growing small companies

Experience in venture capital, property and engineering sectors

HND in Business Studies from University of Northumbria, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Association of Chartered Accountants

Role with BiSN

As CEO, Paul continues to be the driving force behind the business. He inspires his board and colleagues to apply their innovative Wel-lok M2M™ sealing solution to an expanding number of sealing and plugging issues within oil and gas downhole engineering.

Career History

Paul has worked in a variety of businesses across the globe and a wide range of industry sectors. He has the skills and expertise to lead BiSN to success. He has broken new ground within the oil and gas sector, establishing new products for use in the field and continuing to gain interest in BiSN from large oil companies worldwide.