Wel-lok M2M PRTTM

Repair a Leaking Production Packer

Wel-lok M2M™ – An Overview of the Technology

The Wel-lok M2M™ technology consists of utilizing a modified thermite chemical reaction heater to melt bismuth-based alloys downhole. The melted alloys have a viscosity similar to water, and a specific gravity 10 times that of water, allowing them to flow into the smallest areas of a wellbore without the need of any surface pumping equipment. As the alloys cool and solidify, they expand to provide a seamless gas tight seal that is non-corrosive and not affected by H2S or C02.

Summary of Wel-lok M2M PRT™ Features

No mechanical parts

Electronically activated

One trip operation

Differential pressure ratings up to 10,000 psi

Available in a range of sizes to suit API & non API tubing and casings

Benefits of Wel-lok M2M PRT™ for Repairing Production Packers

Reduced intervention costs

Long lasting reliable sealing solution despite restricted access

Extends the production life of the well

Non-corrosive and not affected by H2S or CO2

Reduced environmental impact

Temperature ranges up to 160 °C


The Wel-lok M2M PRT™ (Packer Repair Tool) is designed to repair a leaking production packer by creating a new seal in the production tubing by sealing the casing annulus. Sealing a production annulus with a PRT™ eliminates the need to remove a production string from a well to replace the packer, reducing operator costs and downtime while introducing a superior seal in the well.

Flow prior to setting

Flow prior to tool setting

Flow after setting

Flow after tool setting

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