High Expansion Bridge Plugs:
Well Plugging Solution from BiSN

Bridge plugs are used in oil and gas drilling, either to stop-up a well when it’s no longer in use, or when sections of a well need to be isolated. They are generally made of steel, cast iron or cement and are deployed via a rig, coiled tubing, electric line or slickline. Depending on the requirement, bridge plugs can work as a permanent or a temporary solution. 


Temporary, or ‘retrievable’, bridge plugs are often used during maintenance to a well. They block crude oil, gas or pressure from affecting upper parts of the well so they can be repaired, treated or worked on. Permanent bridge plugs are used in well-abandonment, when wells are closed indefinitely at the end of their useful lifespan. 


The key for a successful bridge plug is that it creates a seal that can withstand pressure, and is quick and easy to install or remove.

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Oil & Gas Well Plugging with Wel-lok M2M™

The Wel-lok M2M™ technology is an industry-leading high expansion bridge plug solution designed by BiSN to address the shortcomings of conventional bridge plugs and cement. It consists of three main components; the eutectic bismuth alloy plug, the thermite heater and the running tool, and can run on wireline or slickline.

The Wel-lok M2M™ provides a faster, superior and more cost-effective well plugging solution than other plugs on the market. It uses a bismuth-based alloy that is melted in situ creating a permanent, gas-tight, V0-rated metal-to-metal seal, allowing even damaged casings to be sealed.

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BiSN well plugging technology advantages:

Seals wells with patented metal to metal technology

Heater uses a thermite chemical reaction that is non-explosive, no special licenses or handling permits required

Can be deployed on any standard wireline without special connection

Bismuth has a viscosity similar to water when melted in the liquid state allowing it to flow into the smallest of areas including cement micro-annuli

Bismuth has a density 10 times that of water allowing the alloy to displace wellbore fluids

Bismuth expands on solidification which creates a V0 gas tight seal in accordance with ISO 14310

Bismuth is non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and is not affected by H2S, CO2 or acid washes

The seal is created within minutes and ready to test within one hour

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